We Bring to you Rahh Jones!!


"I go to the gym everyday."

Every day? I asked.

"Yes. Everyday."

This is Rahh Royce

[spacer height="20px"]He is your present day street performer, and future boxer.

Like Prince, whose dream board was 2 weeks ago, Rahh is also a street performer in New York City.

However, that's not his ultimate dream.

He expressed his lack of interest for street performing but lit up when he began talking about his interest in boxing.

There is an automatic shift in someone's attitude when they begin to talk about the things that they're most passionate about. That's what drives people.

I asked him what he is currently doing to achieve this dream.

"Aside from performing 8-10 hour shifts, I still manage to practice boxing at the gym, every single day."

That's devotion!

How many of us can say that we're putting in effort EVERYDAY towards our dreams and goals?! If you can't now, I hope you will soon enough.

Dedication mixed with a dash of inspiration can get you going. He's currently inspired by Roy Jones- professional boxer and a six-time former world champ. You can't go wrong looking up to someone like that.

Catch Rahh in the near future dodging hits and throwing fists in San Francisco, California.

P.S. If you run into him, don't end up on his bad side!

Keep up with his journey @double.rs_


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