Eenie Meenie Miney May, Actor, Doctor, CIA


Meet Prince

Catching up with Prince was a great highlight of the day. We ran into each other in the heart of NYC and the vibes were filled with laughter and inspiration.

As we talked a little more, I learned that his primary goals in life are definitely some that one can relate to.

He plans to marry a beautiful black woman, have beautiful children, a fancy car, beautiful house, you know the essentials?

I'm sure a number of us can agree with those goals -for the most part. As we dug a little deeper I learned about some of his fascinating career choices.

Prince has multiple interests, which means the man's got options!

He's currently a street performer, dancing in NYC creating "ooh and ah's" of the large crowds. When I asked him if that is what he wanted to pursue, surprisingly, he says "No not career wise." He goes on. "Hmm, if I had to choose.."

He hesitates going down the list of the many things he wants to do. But alas, we come to three BIG options!

Prince says he'd love to be an Actor, a Doctor, or in the CIA.

Outside of the fact that these are some cool career choices I think we can all agree that any one of these positions make bank!

Oh Fancy Car is that you?


Prince is currently 18 years old with a full life ahead of him. He has time to get more specific within his career but being able to narrow his career choices down to 3 options is a significant step towards the beginning of many decisions to come. I believe that whatever it is you want to do, whatever it is that you dream about, whatever it is that you are passionately working towards will unfold.

Keep working hard at whatever job crosses your path and the right door will open at the right time.

Given the three options, Prince plans to pursue one that will provide him with the financial freedom to obtain that huge home, fancy car, and those beautiful wife and kids.

Keep up with Prince + catch some of his dope moves at @chip_skylarkks




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