Reaching the Troubled Youth


" You're going to be one of the best teachers. "

Meet Rhianna.

Rhianna recalls the moments she shared with a group of high schoolers that she served at one of her jobs. They gave her one of the greatest compliments she had ever received.

"I never thought that would be my best compliment!"


When people - particularly those who don't know you personally- recognize and acknowledge the passion within you, that's how you know it's apart of your greater purpose. At least that's my opinion.

Rhianna continues..

"When I can hear one of my students say 'Ms. Rhianna, I love coming to your class', or 'Ms. Rhianna, I feel so much better about myself,’ that does it for me. Even if it's just one student. That's what matters."

Rhianna's passion outpours amongst the youth. More specifically, the troubled youth within the African American community.

We are talking about the students who have a hard time going to school; the young students who are brought up in negative environments, and introduced to drugs and violence at an early age. We are talking about the same students who have entirely too much potential to go to waste.

These situations are what made Rhianna step in. Not only is she teaching the youth, but she’s also stepping in to take a stand against the adversaries they are faced with.

With that, she founded a non-profit organization called Creating Greats.

This relationship-driven organization that provides mentorship and tutoring is designed with the middle to high school student in mind. By providing avenues for each of her students to aim high and achieve their dreams, they are giving her the opportunity to live out her own.

Now that's a women on a mission!

Don't just sit there, get involved!

Rhianna is currently based within the Jacksonville, FL. She is looking to expand the team of Creating Greats Inc! If you know anyone who might be interested, including yourself, shoot her a message!

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FB: Creating Greats, Inc

IG: @creatinggreatsinc