Rayvenn D’Clark


The unuttered is being enunciated as this particular artist stirs up the conversations based from questioning the abnormal positioning of the black artist in the white-washed art world.

Meet Rayvenn

Rayvenn is a UK based artist specializing in sculpture. Her body of work portrays realistic sculptures that explore the black human body- uncovered, unbothered, and motivated by issues of the African Diaspora.

Her concerns derived from the institutional restrictions placed upon her as she felt the split between educational demands vs. personal motivations as an artist and a need to speak her own truth- knowing that she ‘did not have the luxury of not being political’ as a young, black, and female artist.

With an intrepid take on the theatricality of sculpture, you can see in the images below how her body of work takes on a sense of realism as everything is created with detailed precision; positioning and placing together every little hair, spec or wrinkle that all contribute to the quality of the finished piece.


Her inspiration has been formed through various films and prosthetics from her younger days- explaining that the build of it all first sparked her curiosity. More specifically, sci-fi movies ignited the desire within her, causing her to explore the idea of construction and how creatures, figures, and movie monsters came to life.

Graduating from the prestigious Central Saint Martins with a foundational diploma, and receiving her BA from Chelsea College of Art and Design, Rayvenn is continuing her studies in Fine Arts at Chelsea to soon receive her MA this upcoming fall. She has participated in numerous amounts of exhibitions and group shows alongside other artists and students both in and around London.

As her ongoing exploration continues to evolve, Rayvenn plans to continue her artistic journey- expanding internationally, have fun during the process, and create building blocks for the youth to step upon.

Advice from her?

“Your work needs to serve you first!”

With time, practice, and the bit of heartache that’s bound to happen, you will fly. Treat yourself and the rest will follow.

Be encouraged!

You can stay updated with Rayvenn’s latest news and upcoming exhibitions on her website with the link below.