Drawn to the Light


I met Cicpatli at Aida Miro’s solo exhibit “From Ibiza to New York” at the Art Lines Gallery.

Her name means light

-So it is safe to say, I was drawn to it.

As we began to learn more of one another, I learned that Cicpatli finds joy in helping others.

“Being able to help others and see the light on their faces- This is my passion.”

She went on saying that seeing people pursue their passions continually motivates her to chase after her own.

Cicpatli started off with interests in being a dentist. She pursued a career within the field, but various situations in life disrupted her pursuit. She explained how she had a tough life growing up, but no longer allows her past to control her future.

Now with a clearer state of mind, her two sons-being the light of her life, and her fiery ambition, Cicpatli is dedicated to owning her own cleaning business. Since she’s moved to the U.S. from Mexico, she has helped others and cleaned homes maintaining her profession over the years.

But wait, there’s more. Now remember, I said I met her at the art show? So out of curiosity, I asked her if she too was an artist.

She says “Not really.” Remaining ever so humble then goes on to show me some of her beautiful pieces.

“What do you mean ‘not really?!’” I said, “ You’re amazing!”

See some of her work below!


Cicpatli is a self-taught artist inspired by nature, culture, and of course, her two sons. As she continues to pursue her career, peace, and the things that make her happy, Cicpatli wants to continue to evolve on her journey and encourage others along the way.

 I asked her what was worth fighting for in this present moment of her life. She told me the fight to break out of her shell.

“I used to be so shy and very quiet, and I want to break out of that..” She went on saying that placing herself in environments that encourage her to meet, engage and speak to people is worth fighting for. It allows her to share her story and her light. I second that. Though it may be uncomfortable, the growth and connections you can make, are totally worth it.

You too can also connect with Cicpatli on her Instagram @cicpatli and read her story here:


Thank you guys for tuning in and reading! Before you head over to the next site, chew on this thought below.

We cannot choose where we come from, or the experiences we are faced with, but we are responsible for how we choose to learn from it. Take your experiences and apply it to positive aspects of your life.