Head Over Heels


This recent graduate has fallen head over heels.

No, not for a man, but for the love of art.

Meet Latidra.

To put it simply, she is an artist. However, we must acknowledge the fact that there is nothing simple about an artist.

Latidra has adapted to the use of various mediums and different outlets throughout her creative development. She explains how her exploration evolves with use in the different materials- not constricting herself to any one medium. While her artistry has continued to grow, she has found pleasure in illustrating, painting, drawing, and graphic designing digital artwork.

Putting use to watercolors, oil pastels, and computer softwares, to name a few, I can say that Latidra confidently steps outside of the box by experimenting and challenging her abilities to use different mediums. Finding fun in the process she continues to pursue art with hopes of soon becoming an Art Teacher.

With her expressive use of vibrant colors, you can see how her inspirations are derived from the Neoclassicism and Impressionism art periods. It is safe to say that the great Seurat is one of her favorites.

As of late, Latidra recently finished her internship with Bookstr. This is a platform used to support new and upcoming illustrators, authors, and readers. It does all of this while helping you to discover your next great read. During her internship there, she was able to gain the exposure of writing articles, and creating content alongside visual art pieces for the sites viewers. If you ask me, that's pretty exciting.

Below you can gaze your eyes at a few of the pieces Latidra has created.


Type and Digital Imagery for Bookstr


Photo Collage


3 Panel Narrative on the Refugee Crisis | Soft Pastels 18 x 24

Be sure to follow her Instagram @artworksbylatidra To see more of her great work!

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