Black Girl Magic!



“When you look in the mirror, tell me what do you see? Do you see a beautiful black girl? Because that’s what I see. It starts from the inside and reflects outside of you, so first you must believe it’s true”


That is an excerpt taken from the first page of the Black Girl Magic book written and illustrated by sisters, Lauren and Lailah Lord.

As a women, growing and descending from the African culture and into a nation who formerly abhorred its people, it is extremely vital to reinforce strength, positivity, and love throughout our people. Black Girl Magic does just that.

Lailah, the illustrator of Black Girl Magic, who recently turned ten, was in school when one of her classmates insulted her by describing her facial features as “too big”. Offended, she told her sister, Lauren and her other family members of the slander who then turned around and poured positive energy back into her- reminding her that she is, in fact, beautiful exactly how she is. Little did they know, the mishap transpired into the book they have published today.

Positive Reinforcement is the key here. Experiencing an occurrence so close to home meant some action had to be taken. Lauren took it upon herself and began on her creative exploration to write the book. While she created the passages, she exchanged the ideas and visuals between her and her sister, who then created the illustrations that you will see throughout the book.

After trial and error, preparation and perseverance, Black Girl Magic was born. Lauren and Lailah celebrated their pre-launch and book cover release this past December with January 17th 2018, being the release date of the book. Since then, they’ve sold books to local elementary schools with hopes of continued expansion.

Black Girl Magic is an invigorating children’s book that unveils the very characteristics women of color are criticized for and depicts them as the unique parts of us that make each and every one of us distinctly beautiful. It’s got a lyrical rhythm to it and although it’s a children’s book, I for one believe it is appropriate for all ages.

With a stepping stone accomplished throughout the creation of the book, Lauren plans to continue to ignite confidence throughout the youth while spreading the message of positive representation for the underrepresented young black girls within her community.

Advice from Lauren?

“Imagine your ideal life and get excited about it!”

“Every day do everything you can to reach that life and be THAT excited forever! You control your life and anything you imagine, you can achieve.”

The Black Girl Magic book is an amazing book and I encourage all of you to read it! It is currently available for purchase on Amazon and for those of you who understand this is a must-have book, the link is provided below

You can stay up to date on Lauren and her following endeavors with the Black Girl Magic book on her instagram page @blackgirlmagicbook @lowiththecurlyfro

Thank you for reading! Stay Encouraged.