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“Perception is not always reality”

In some ways we are in control of our image and how we are portrayed as individuals. In other ways, we simply are not. Rather than use your platform to convey false realities, it is important to use these tools as instruments to share light and positivity in a pessimistic world- while remaining true to yourself. Developing Noire is an excellent example.

Meet Theresa

Coming from an immigrant family and being raised in Brooklyn, NY, Theresa understood what it meant to work hard from an early age. There weren’t handouts or special treatments so she knew that when she wanted something to come to fruition, she had to work twice as hard for it.  

Theresa is the author and creator of her Personal Blog, Developing Noire. One of Theresa’s dreams has been to empower people throughout various platforms. Developing Noire happens to be one of those platforms. On her blog- inspired by her development journey- Theresa discusses personal struggles, overcoming adversity and chasing after goals. It started out as an experiment for Theresa, but quickly took off into something much more. With passion and purpose as a driving force, the brand is taking off into something of its own, as Theresa openly follows where it leads her next.

She remains persistent within her journey to excellence; obtaining her masters degree within Industrial Organizational Psychology, and also leaves room to participate in various organizations. For example, Theresa was recently invited to speak to students at a Career Day Event for a NY based organization that helps the youth and provides them with resources to achieve long-term success. There, she was given the opportunity to share advice, experiences, and encouragement amongst other colleagues and scholars.

Eventually Theresa plans to gain enough experience within her field so that she can teach the concepts behind it to minority students. With more awareness in regards to the field, the scope can be diversified.

Advice from her?

Perception is not always reality..

Comparing yourself to perception can kill you. Be mindful of internalizing the perceptions you get through media. Taking a step back allows you to gain clarity and check yourself. Ask yourself these questions:

Who am I?

Where am I?

Where am I going?

What am I doing to get there?

Be intentional about what you’re taking in and how it is effecting you. Based on what you’re taking in, what are your standards? Are your standards based on what you really want or are they based on something you’ve seen elsewhere? Triple check yourself.”

These are all wise words from Theresa. As we know, there aren’t many individuals spreading honest light and encouragement, but Theresa is a leader who chooses to do such. With Developing Noire, she goes against the odds with the doses of positive content. The links to follow her blog and journey are provided below! If I were you, I would want to stay tuned, especially because there is an event in the works!


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 Enjoy the week + Stay Encouraged.

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